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24 hour access during event days takes convenience to a whole new level!

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Stuck in traffic or in the doctor's office? All events are mobile friendly!

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Browse hundreds of vendors at your finger tips on YOUR schedule!

On Demand

Event speakers, seminars and how to demonstrations when YOU want them!

Upcoming Events

No More “I” Expo

No More “I” Expo

Be part of something bigger than just one person! Join the No More "I" Sustainability Expo and be part of the worldwide community.
Homeschool Connect Expo

Homeschool Connect Expo

Join a great variety of vendors for an opportunity to see the latest and greatest products available.

The FUTURE of conventions & expos TODAY!

Why Choose

Why Choose

More Exposure

Reach EVERY attendee with your message. At traditional shows, business owners can only reach a few people at a time. With an EXPOconnect event companies can have hundreds of attendees in their ``booths`` at a time with a greater potential of turning attendees into buyers!

Less Money

Traditional shows include the cost of booth fees, marketing materials, booth set up, parking, convention foods, and time away from clients & company activities. These costs reach thousands of dollars! EXPOconnect events have one small fee and that is all!

Less Hassle

No need to dust off bulky expo setups and spend time hauling them around town when you could be working with clients. With EXPOconnect events, companies carry on with daily activities while potential buyers gather in their ``booth`` to get the information they need.

Better Vendors

EXPOconnect strives to only include vendors specific to the theme of the event. Vendors must have strong reputations and be able to provide the best services to attendees. No ``Space-Fillers`` will be allowed...or needed...because we don't have a convention room to fill.

Specific Marketing

EXPOconnect has a proven marketing system to get more qualified attendees who have a desire and need to hire vendor companies. We don't bus in bodies here! Attendees will be potential buyers because we market to reach people who have a reason to be here!

New Era of Expos

A large part of our lives has become digitized. Every good business has a website, does online lead generation of some kind and usually has a Facebook business page, while saving money from traditional advertising. Trade shows and exhibitions are not an exception.


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